President Donald Trump's biggest accomplishments in 2019

President Donald Trump joked at Thursday’s coronavirus briefing about getting rid of all the reporters he does not like, causing a least one member of the media to characterize the quip as an “attack.”

During the briefing, a reporter asked the president if he had “any guidance for Congress” after two congressmen announced they had tested positive for the virus.

Trump instead directed his advice, partially tongue-in-cheek, to the reporters in the briefing room.

“I know all of them,” he said of Congress. “I don’t know if they’re sitting like you people are sitting. You’re actually sitting too close.”

“Really, we should probably get rid of about another 75, 80 percent of you,” the president said.

“I’ll have just two or three that I like in this room. I think that’s a great way of doing it. We just figured a new way of doing it. But you’re actually much too close, you should leave immediately.”

Shockingly, NOT Shockingly, It came as no surprise that at least one reporter had to clutch his pearls in horror at President Trump’s quip.

The news media are like a bunch of monkeys throwing their poop against the wall…

They both have no clue what they’re doing but nevertheless, they still think they’re doing something important.

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