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PBS Newshour is a perfect example of how the media is incapable of approaching the coronavirus fight as apolitical or nonpartisan.

They just stay in Hate Trump mode, incessantly trashing the president, and then they attack him as a narcissist — or even a sociopath — for thinking this is about him. Well, they certainly imply it’s all about him, and how he’ll be the death of us.

That was the tone of Friday night’s PBS NewsHour, where New York Times columnist David Brooks played a psychiatrist and angrily diagnosed the president as a “sociopath.”

DAVID BROOKS: I found it an enraging week. We sat here many years ago when we saw images of Katrina and bodies floating in New Orleans. And I think both Mark and I felt a deep sense of anger. And I feel a deep sense of anger that our government has responded so badly.

And he’s incapable of that. And he’s even created an information distortion field around him. Even today, the press conference today was all his propaganda. It wasn’t honest with people.

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PBS Newshour Trump-Hate Idiocy Gets Exposed By Two Of The Democrats Most Liberal Governors

Of course, PBS’s Trump-Hate stupidity flies in the face of the public statements of what a great job the Trump administration has done from two of President Trump’s biggest detractors, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

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