Morning Joe Praises President Trump

Well, it’s confirmed the sky is falling, dogs and cats are sleeping together and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the way, because Morning Joe, has joined NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom in praising President Donald J. Trump.

Morning Joe Must Be Infected With Coronavirus Because They Praised President Trump

Mika Brzezinski offered rare praise to President Donald Trump Tuesday morning following a Monday afternoon White House press conference in which the commander in chief presented a much graver tone on the coronavirus outbreak than before.

“What you saw yesterday was the president getting better when it came to matching his tone and his own kind of gut response to questions that he was getting, to the reality of the situation,” the Morning Joe co-host opened.

“Whether or not you have a jaundiced eye, you noticed that, and you sat up and took note,” she continued. “I mean, the president of the United States made it easier to parent teens yesterday. Because if you don’t have groups of ten or more, and the president is saying you can’t do that, it is much easier to communicate that to the young population.”

“He did a lot to get people to take it seriously yesterday. I mean, I’ve seen where we are right now, and where we go during the day or communities that might be more pro-trump, that might think this is a hoax.”

Later in the program, co-host Mr. Mika Brzezinksi aka Joe Scarborough, made note of his dominatrix wife praising of Trump’s tone.

“I have no doubt there were people who spit out their cheerios across the table this morning when Mika said Donald Trump made being a parent easier yesterday.”

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