Man attacks two Innocent Women

An unidentified man attacked two innocent women for no reason knocking one of his victims, an 81-year-old woman, unconscious.

The 81-year-old required medical attention after she fell to the ground.

A second victim, a 36-year-old female, was also hit by the man.

The video below shows the 81-year-old woman wearing pink walking towards a beggar outside a shoe store and giving him some money before heading off on her way.


0_81-year-old-woman-knocked-unconscious-from-punch-to-chest-after-giving-money-to-beggar (1)

A woman in white top can also be seen heading the same direction as the attacker slowly walks toward them.

The man, who is carrying a black plastic bag, suddenly strikes the two women in their chests.

0_81-year-old-woman-knocked-unconscious-from-punch-to-chest-after-giving-money-to-beggar (3)

Stunned onlookers offered help to the two injured pedestrians as the man walked away.

0_81-year-old-woman-knocked-unconscious-from-punch-to-chest-after-giving-money-to-beggar (4)

Natalia Stati, spokeswoman for the City Police, confirmed to local media Telegraph that police are investigating the matter and looking into identifying the perpetrator.

She said: “The two victims are two women aged 36 and 81 respectively. The 81-year-old woman needed medical attention.

“A criminal case has been launched on this case, and the police are looking for the perpetrator to establish his identity, but also his place of residence.”

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